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We like to listen, think and test.

Stages of delivery

Product design process

The product design phase of a digital app may take anywhere between 2 to 8 months and these are the steps we go through to get an implementable design for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Identity design process

For logo design, there are fewer steps and therefore shorter delivery terms, usually between 1 and 2 months, excluding communication materials. We usually handle those as a separate project, after delivering the final identity guidelines.

Our inspiration

Even if working on a logo or an app, the process is fairly the same: based on Jesse James Garrett’s model from “The Elements of User Experience”.


Based on your context and our agreement, these deliverables are negotiable.


Product design projects

iPhone X Mockup.jpg


Energy management software and hardware, driving the change for smart energy in homes across the European region.



Redesigning the tool used by service technicians to fix and maintain operating tables.



Remotely controlled street lights on the public domain for local administrations.

Graphic design projects



Psychotherapy and psycho-nutrition services aimed at bringing balance to to the sum of the parts of an individual.

Beauty Icon

Beauty Icon

Beauty Icon is a local body remodeling and beauty salon aimed to set itself apart through the latest technology in the field as well as its staff knowledge and warm attitude towards their client base.



Contrai is a web product that applies artificial intelligence and design thinking to make contracts smarter.


Who we are

Two creative brains who like to solve stuff.

Iulia Pușcaru

Product Design Consultant,

UX Designer, Improver

Product Design Consulting, focus on UX & UI Design (on our own)

Graphic & Logo Design

(on our own)

UX & UI Design

UI Design

Graphic Design

Industrial Design Studies

Dan Pușcaru

Product Designer
UX Researcher

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