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Redesigning the tool used by service technicians to fix and maintain operating tables.


Feb 2020 - Jun 2020


A German family business that produces operating/treatment tables and chairs since 1980:


Their service technicians (own and contractors) used an old tool and software to setup, test, install, diagnose, fix and maintain the operation tables and chairs that they made and sold.

The technicians handled their jobs very well using it for such a long while, but this servicing tool [Fig. 1.0] had these persisting and annoying problems:

- Hard to navigate through the interface using a few buttons, a dial and limited screen real estate
- High learning curve
- High cost of producing these servicing tools
- Messy, unintuitive and hardly scalable information architecture
- Lack of online, remote control and therefore logistically expensive and time-consuming
- Limited hardware, unable to support smart and more powerful functionalities, and hard to update old equipment

Left: The skeleton of one of the operating tables in the works. Right top: Table remote control. Right bottom: Servicing tool.


We gathered a few pieces of information through discussions with the client and development team.

Went through some documentation, user manuals for clients and technicians respectively.


We gathered in a live 2-day workshop with the client and the tech team, which we facilitated and guided.


From mapping and sketching to prototypes and testing.

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