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Energy management software and hardware, driving the change for smart energy in homes across the European region. This concept aims to explore potential avenues that pro-actively meet users needs, provide crucial information and support for their respective household needs.


2022 - 2024


Smart energy management is an emerging part of consumers lives everywhere in terms of efficiency, financial peace of mind and individual sustainability principles.


The following examples showcase parts of the product design journey across the course of 1.5 years within the context of Futurehome, a Norwegian based IoT company with energy management at its core.


  • The Workshops present work done in the product team with the scope of exploring completely new concepts or improving upon existing product flows. Several team roles have been involved with facilitation on our part.

  • Product concepts and improvements present work done either individually or in very small focused product teams with the scope of ideation and testing ideas before implementation.

2024-01 [FH] Context.png

Left: Installer checking the real-time data connection between the electric panel and the app 
before handing it over to the final customer.

Right: Parts of the packaged print materials for installers and end customers.

User Journey Improvement Workshop

Workshop focused on improving the existing customer and user journeys for a bundled Futurehome product consisting of heating control, energy consumption reports and existing device management.

Our main goal was to simplify and enhance the installation and handover experience to the final users.


As such, both installers and end customers were part of our target user groups. By exploring several points of improvement, whether they had to do with the physical products, the app or the installation process itself, we managed to identify key areas in which to focus our efforts in order to achieve the initial goal.


Some of these include:

  • Better in-app communication and onboarding for installers in order to speed up the overall process

  • Redesign and better formatting of existing user manuals

  • Improvements related to the handover flow, among others.

2024-01 [FH] Workshop 1.png
2024-01 [FH] Workshop 2.png

Design Sprint for Premium services

We facilitated a 3-day workshop with a cross-functional team focusing on leveraging existing functionalities for a Premium pack of user services.

EV Charging & Onboarding Experience

Sequences of product design deliverables for energy management as a whole or specific energy devices and their inherent functionality.

Bringing value through savings

In order to bring more value to end users, we decided to rethink parts of the existing experience by starting with the most valuable differentiators.

Other projects

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