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Elements Bodywork

Elements Bodywork, a massage therapy boutique in Sheffield, UK, wants to bring a more modern approach to the field, educating people about investing into the health of not only their body but also their mind and soul.​​​​​​​


2018 Oct


About the project

They practice a “what you see is what you get“ kind of honesty, where the therapy sessions are genuine and cheerful experiences. The client needed an unique symbol for his massage therapy boutique that reflects his services and accompanying value proposition - therapy for the body-mind-soul trinity.

Extensive research was done studying a great variety of graphical symbols from the natural world, chemistry and even alchemy in order to infuse a unique blend in the final visual identity.

The client's exposure and clientele increased significantly through a consistent appliance of the visual identity in the context of the brand, ranging from outdoor & indoor signage to his own line of products.

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